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Food was on Bauddhayan's mind when Little Lamb was born.

Hence, the philosophy of Little Lamb draws a parallel from the world of food. According to Bauddhayan, the founding director of Little Lamb, "Filmmaking is like preparing a dish. It needs the right ingredients in the right proportion to make a tasty treat."

At Little Lamb, we take pride in cooking up stories.

With hand-picked ingredients, mixed to perfection, we make films that are edible.

Bauddhayan Mukherji, the quintessential Bengali from Calcutta, got rechristened Buddy in Bombay. No prizes for guessing – he is not too fond of it. What he loves however, is to eat. His adage – we also make films!
450 television commercials and 2 feature films later, Bauddhayan is as hungry and as humble as he was 25 years back and believes that he is as good or bad as his last film.
Bauddhayan directs kids with panache – even when they grow up to be adults. He loves telling stories with emotion where performance is key. An incorrigible perfectionist, he drives his team of assistants up the wall. The fact they still keep coming back for more is an inexplicable phenomenon.

Poet, filmmaker, producer, production designer, hypnotherapist, super mom – Monalisa Mukherji aka Mona has taken multitasking to a new height.
Our co-founder has a fantastic way of putting people in her permanent bad books. A not-so-warm-handshake, not-so-tight-hug, chocolate-that-you-don’t-share, not-greeting-good-morning can put you in the black list.
Mona is also the company’s chief whip and the unofficial guardian of every out-station lamb. She stands for thoughtfulness, a value that is held in high regard at Little Lamb Films – her decision to have a kitchen which cooks for everyone stems from that.





Akansha Khanna. Navy girl. Smiling negotiator. Relentless talker.

As the producer at Little Lamb Films, Akansha brings so much energy to our dull days that it is very easy to miss her.

Akansha has done almost everything under the sun that a film crazy person would have. She has worked on advertising films, feature films, music videos, regional serials, multimedia events and television shows. The fact that she still has time for her own things - painting, gardening and travelling is indeed commendable. Ask her what she loves the most, she would pick spinning stories in a new yarn. We love her for this.

If Akansha was none of the above, she would have easily earned her living by… err… talking. Well… we aren’t really complaining. But now you know why there are fewer birds around our office these days!


Major part of Madhurya Alankaar’s life has been spent on supporting veg biriyani. How he still ended up at Little Lamb Films is baffling!

From an IT Engineer to one of India’s youngest Radio Jockeys, from an award-winning advertising professional to an actor – Maddy has done it all. He hails from the street food capital of the country, Indore and loves all things spicy - food, films and writing.

Maddy is our DA and the inhouse dreamer.


If you see someone staring into the horizon dreamily and muttering, “Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” you have possibly met Meenakshi Budhrani, our Associate Producer.

A recent dog mom, Meenakshi is a passionate baker and a coffee enthusiast. Her cakes make our Monday mornings sweet and happening. Hailing from the Indian USA (Ulhasnagar), she ended up living in the actual USA (New York) for 5 years. Now you know where she gets the accent from.

Meenakshi is a vegetarian, loves clean eating and watching movies. Interstellar, Into the Wild, The Pursuit of Happyness, Taare Zameen Par, Coco, Inside Out and Up are some of her favourite films.


His favourite actor is Kishore Kumar. His favourite singer is Kishore Kumar. That’s it. These two qualifiers are good enough to land you at Little Lamb Films.

Rajnikant Surti, lovingly called Rajni, is our post supervisor who believes in simple living and high thinking. He is a workaholic, a decent bathroom singer and loves to play cricket whenever life throws the ball at him. Did we mention he is a wonderful cook as well?

At office however he is the quietest person around who spends his time on his two new found loves – writing and watching world cinema..


The only way to bribe Ritvik Mawkin is by offering him a Hot Chocolate Fudge and agreeing to watch ‘Baby’s Day Out’ with him. At the age of 17, Ritvik made a naive decision to watch all the films in the world. People have been jailed for committing a lesser crime.

Ritvik is a writer in our content division, 'La La Lamb.' An authority on ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’, Ritvik is often found quoting anecdotes from the film that fits almost every situation he’s in.

A daydreamer who prefers to keep silent when he’s hungry, Ritvik would love to have his ‘Midnight in Paris’ moment by going back in time to meet Jaun Elia, Meraj Faizabadi and Emily Dickinson.

If you don’t find him penning down some dialogues in the confines of our content room, he would surely be looking for the next movie he wants to devour.


He makes lemon tea for everyone. But cold coffee for only a select few. He is Deepak More, our senior most runner boy who knows every single prop or costume in our godown like the back of his hand.

A smooth talker who is always smiling, Deepak is dedicated, hardworking, approachable and ruthlessly honest. He has taken it upon himself to show you the way around the office if you are new to LLF.

Psst… Deepak brings amazing dry fish curry from home. But you have to be in his good books for him to share with you.


Sumed Fulluke, our junior runner boy, is not allowed to venture out in strong winds lest he flies off… that’s how petite he is. But he is an intriguing character which could even make Hercule Poirot interested in him.

Every day before leaving from office, he has an extensive beauty regime that includes applying lotion, powder, deo, and hair gel. We are still trying to know why. He is the best carrom player at office and loves listening to music as he pockets the queen.

An introvert, Sumed is generally quiet. But we have this niggling suspicion he is a completely different person at home. More on this when we find out more. 😊


Jovial, jalebi lover, jugadu extraordinaire. That’s Pawan Mishra for you. Better known as Mishraji, he is the Krishna of Buddy’s chariot but he is much more than that.

f you have come to Holi parties at LLF and have wondered where we got the amazing thandai from – here is the secret… it is always made by Mishraji. He puts similar magic ingredients in the jhal muri or the buttermilk he often makes at office. No wonder he is so loved by the lambs.

Highly opinionated, Mishraji has a point of view on everything under the sun. He is also a handy cricketer who relies more on adrenaline than cricketing skills.


Very much like his favourite drink Vodka, Laxman Sharma loves to live his life – raw and neat. As the accountant turned line producer of Little Lamb Films, his disarming earthiness and reassuring smile can make tough decisions appear cool. He is down to earth and the epitome of humility.

A self-confessed Govinda fan, with his trade mark songs and clothes, he carries his adoration to the work-field, solving complex production issues with his inbuilt confidence. Laxman can sleep his way through any amount of work pressure yet leave everyone around deeply satisfied.

A handy cricketer, Laxman has managed to make a virtue out of saving; any untoward expense appears as a crime.


An FTII Alumnus, Sushant Tambe is what all mother-in-laws would dream of – soft-spoken, good natured, witty and polite. At office, we love him for all of the above.

A brilliant colleague, a wonderful human being, a meticulous co-worker – Sushant has graduated from being our post-producer to our Associate Producer. Sushant handles the complexities of our multiple projects with so much ease that we are taken by surprise, pleasantly so…

A handy bowler in box cricket, a brilliant mimic artist, a decent singer and a crazy dancer with thumkas to die for, Sushant Tambe sports the love of his life in a tattoo. Do remember to ask for a sneak peek when you meet him next!